April 2nd is our end of term1 (where did that go) but for us here at Outlaws we are excited because we know its CHOREOGRAPHY time. Please check the important dates section of the whats on page for you days and times, choreography runs from 3-13 April.

Its also Worlds month and we would love for you to come to the Worlds showoffs on Saturday 15th April (Easter Saturday) and support our amazing team ECO before they head off to Orlando, Florida to compete.

We will be closed for Easter 14-16 April and then Term 2 will start on the 17th April. We will also have 1 extra week off from 24th-30th April

16649152_1406225106094987_3936688014796429404_nWhat an amazing effort for one of our top athletes/ coach Keegan on being one of the first Australians to make it as an Nfinity legend.
Keegan started with Deakin University ,  cheering on as many teams as he could and doing many stunt groups always pushing his limits to become better. Congratulations on being classified as one of the most talented cheerleaders in the world. Your hard work has paid off and we are all very proud.